SSIS challenge

Ms Kathy V


This week my challenge is to come up with a way to make SSIS a dynamic rules-driven engine. This is a concept that is fairly easy to do in a scripting language like C# or T-SQL. It’s not hard to store a bunch of custom code in a table or file, and have it executed either on each row or each table. But – how can I do this in SSIS? SSIS has package variables and the ability to perform conditional logic, but the actual “rule” processing is much harder to create on the fly. And while it’s easy to have SSIS call SQL logic, or even perform script tasks – that’s not always the most efficient use of SSIS.

My customer consolidates external data into a large warehouse and performs business analysis on the resulting data. They need to onboard customers, who will all have unique data formats, without…

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