What A Car Dashboard Teaches Us About Business Intelligence

Right Brain Insights

When most people think of a dashboard they immediately think of their car. The ever present needles indicating speed, distance, fuel etc… You know too that when driving you don’t spend the whole time looking at the dashboard. A quick cursory glance down, and back up is all that is needed to keep you on track and allow you to reach your destination safely.


The fact is, car dashboards are a great example of a powerful business intelligence (BI) system. Think about this:

  • You don’t want to spend all day looking down at the figures, when you should be out there being the entrepreneur driving your business.
  • Every business will have warning lights. Like low oil, could average hours worked per employee being >70 hours per week indicate burnout amongst your people.
  • The focus is on critical information. The number of rotations your tyres make per minute is hardly your…

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