If a capabiity grows in the forest does it solve a problem?

Just for the sake of this sentence:
As another wise pundit said “Computers make great slaves, but terrible masters”

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Don’t want to bust anyone’s balloon.  However, despite all the hoopla, Big Data and BI are still as Gartner has labeled it in the early stages of the Hype-Cycle.  While the technology is approaching critical mass, the market is still hasn’t crossed the chasm.  That is not to say vendors of such capabilities are full of puffery –actually not.  The problem become one of Strategic Execution and Exploitation.   Over the past ten+ years I have been actively engaged on and off on what arguably could be call BI and Big Data projects [Yup ten+ years!] What I’ve experienced from these projects is that for a first for IT, they’re ready before the line of business is to deploy the capability.  Example: one instance, I developed an approach to infer what markets are heating up and which are cooling off.  It took sales data, several other sources of information and some basic statistics -well may be a tiny bit…

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