Some Power Query/M Examples

yet another language (“M” for Power Query)! I wonder where this is going and why they not putting these capabilities on the server side (SSIS)?

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The more I use Power Query and the M language that underpins it, the more I see how useful it is – quite apart from its abilities to import data from other data sources – as a third option (after regular Excel formulas and Power Pivot/DAX) to solve problems in Excel itself. For example, last week I read this blog post by David Hager about finding the number of unique values in a delimited string:

It’s an interesting question and the Excel formulas in this post are way beyond what I’m capable of writing. The point is, though, that Power Query can do this very easily indeed just through the UI. Starting with the following table in a worksheet:


You just need to import it into a Power Query query:


Use the Split Column/By Delimiter/By Comma option on the Input column:


This creates as many columns as you’ve got…

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