Standards = Starting Point

quick and dirty is more practiced than slow and clean

Pragmatic Business Intelligence

(Originally posted in the B-eye network)

In a data migration project, Standards are synonymous with Quality.

Every developer has a different philosophy of what works.  It is easier to develop with “what I know”…which rhymes with “quick and dirty”…

Definition of, or existence of Standards of Development and Naming Conventions provide guidelines within which developers should be expected to work.  Without these, your environment quickly becomes rife with development packages, interfaces and jobs with different naming conventions, different approaches…and widely varying levels of development quality.

I think it is common that, lacking a mentor or some kind of guidance, developers new to data migration start the same way – monster jobs, lack of flexibility, lack of clarity…and lack of documentation.  Result: effectively, unmaintainable, throw-away jobs.

The good news is, as discussed, there is a remedy : Take the time to define standards, or work with a supplier who uses a…

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